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NuvoAir - respiratory remote monitoring and home diagnostics

By NuvoAir NuvoAir is a digital health company specialising in proactive, technology enabled, virtual-first care for people with respiratory conditions.  Last updated 21st November, 2023
Proven innovation

Health coaching for chronic conditions

By Added Health Added Health is a personalised, CQC-accredited, and entirely confidential digital health coaching service, offering continuous support to create... Last updated 24th October, 2023
Proven innovation

StoreGene - Comprehensive Cardiovascular Package

By StoreGene Storegene unlocks the power of genomics for health care. Storegene TARGeTs (Translational Automated Rapid Genomic Tests) analyze whole genome data and... Last updated 24th October, 2023
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By FibriCheck Our vision is to harness the power of device-agnostic solutions to enhance the quality of life and outcomes for patients. FibriCheck (CE (Class IIa) and... Last updated 1st November, 2023
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Air Decontamination, proven by the NHS to help prevent the transmission of airborne infections.

By Clarog Enterprises Ltd T/A Airdog Airdog addresses two major problems, the transmission of airborne infections and the use of non-recyclable consumables, mainly HEPA filters and UV bulbs... Last updated 22nd September, 2023
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Neu Health

By Neu Health Neu Health is dedicated to making the latest Parkinson’s disease and dementia care accessible for all. Neu Health has developed a digital platform for... Last updated 18th July, 2023
Innovation in development

Weather-Driven Wellness App

By Weather Flare Weather Flare is a groundbreaking app that recognizes the profound impact of weather on our mood, health, and well-being. Backed by ancient wisdom and modern... Last updated 9th August, 2023
Proven innovation

The Blue Box

By Whzan Digital Health Used extensively in the NHS to expand primary care through early identification of deterioration and illness, the Blue Box is a portable telehealth system... Last updated 22nd September, 2023
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

DigiVis DVA -self-testing visual acuity app for Ophthalmology

By Cambridge Medical Innovation Ltd Ophthalmology is the busiest out-patient service, with more than 9 million appointments annually. It is estimated that approximately 22 patients are losing... Last updated 22nd September, 2023
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

PelliTec blister prevention pads in diabetic foot management

By Tectores Ltd PelliTec blister prevention pads have been available since 2019 and are widely used by active people. The circular pads stick on the inside of footwear, not on... Last updated 23rd March, 2023
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Melo - AI driven app for making better sense of challenging behaviours

By Decently Melo is an AI-driven app designed to help clinicians make earlier sense of behaviour that challenges. Initially focussed on helping patients recovering from a... Last updated 23rd March, 2023

MediBioSense VitalPatch - remote patient monitoring

By MediBioSense Ltd The MediBioSense VitalPatch supports NHS healthcare services by bridging gaps in healthcare provision ahead of increased demand as well as the overall pressure... Last updated 26th April, 2023
Proven innovation

Virtual Reality in Care

By Recreo VR Recreo VR provides virtual reality services to the care sector. With an application built around accessibility, we transport elderly adults to places of... Last updated 21st February, 2023
Innovation in development

Home care management app

By Care Networx Care App for families who need help in coordinating the care for a loved one with a long term health condition. This results in a reduction of patients... Last updated 13th April, 2023
Innovation in development


By Health and Care Innovations We aim to improve the lives of the millions of people who have multiple conditions, and as a result reduce the demands on health services. We deliver shorter... Last updated 6th February, 2023
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Feedback Medical

By Feedback Medical Feedback provides a digital infrastructure that facilitates cross-provider care pathways that ensure clinical data travels with the patient – making it... Last updated 23rd March, 2023 — one place to search all clinical information

By Medwise AI Ltd is a search engine trusted by over 3500 clinicians to quickly find actionable answers at the point of care. The search platform can be... Last updated 3rd February, 2023
Under evaluation with potential for adoption


By Babblevoice Designed by GPs for GPs, babblevoice is an intelligent, easy-to-use phone system with one clear objectiveto better connect practice, patients, and staff. Our... Last updated 2nd February, 2023

DXS - Best Pathway SMART Referrals

By DXS UK Ltd. DXS currently supplies it’s NHS clients with up-to-date and tailored treatment pathways, its unique SMART Referral Forms, a comprehensive knowledge hub and... Last updated 28th November, 2022
Innovation in development


By University of Liverpool eKARE+ allows patients to perform remotely prescribed exercises within the comfort of their homes or any environment. Using an inexpensive device, we capture... Last updated 1st December, 2022
Proven innovation

Living With

By Living With Ltd Living With's Covid rehabilitation app improves a clinic’s management of post-covid patients by sixfold compared to traditional therapies: enabling services to... Last updated 18th October, 2022