Operational excellence

Products and services that:

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of ‘back office’ non-clinical systems
  • Reduce variation and duplication in processes
  • Help organisations do things better, faster, safer, cheaper
Proven innovation

ZedScan by Zilico

By Zilico ZedScan, Zilico’s colposcopy adjunct diagnostic, uses Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology to differentiate between normal, pre-cancerous and...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Casper: specialist workflow management system

By Cievert Casper is a web-based platform that simplifies the process of managing a patient from diagnosis to treatment in secondary/tertiary care. The result is a...
Proven innovation

Med App

By MedApps Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education...
Proven innovation

CRAB - Governance, Finance and Patient Safety Package

By C2-Ai C2-Ai has developed, successfully tested and proved demonstrable benefits of our unique clinical Ai systems in 11 countries including the UK and USA – helping...
Proven innovation

Protec2 CLIQ® Access Control System

By Abloy UK The Problem "Who has the CD Keys?"Abloy Cliq is an innovative access control solution that helps to improve nurse and pharmacy efficiency as well as allow...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Using staff ideas to drive innovation in healthcare

By Idea Drop Innovation often unfolds via a top-down approach within the NHS, with the most senior colleagues having the ability to share, broadcast and implement their...

C the Signs - accelerating early detection of cancer

By C the Signs C the Signs is an award-winning decision support tool founded by two NHS doctors. The tool uses artificial intelligence mapped with the latest evidence to...
Proven innovation

Doc Abode

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Doc Abode is a multi-award-winning platform, enabling healthcare providers to match the availability, expertise and location of clinicians to the needs of NHS...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Digitising and Integrating Maternity Paper Notes

By SIDQAM Sidqam Ltd offers a range of software solutions for the healthcare sector to address specific problem areas that have not achieved partial/whole...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Deontics Innovative Clinical Decision Support (CDSS)

By Deontics Deontics is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with world-leading clinical pathway/workflow and clinical decision support technologies following 25 years...
Proven innovation

Radar Healthcare - quality and compliance focused software

By Radar Software Radar Healthcare is intuitive quality and compliance-focused software, supporting health and social care organisations to improve patient safety. Radar...
Proven innovation

SafeTeam Guardian

By Glow New Media Ltd Problem 1:​ ​NHS Community Teams often have lone worker duties and can be out of contact. Emergency help request procedures can vary and it can be difficult to...
Proven innovation

Patient Pathway Plus - Elective Care Pathway & RTT Management

By Insource Ltd Patient Pathway Plus is a digital hub for the complete management of all your elective care pathways. It provided unparalleled levels of accuracy of your RTT...
Proven innovation

NHS Data Management - Health Data Enterprise (HDE)

By Insource Ltd Our scalable data management product suites for healthcare (Data Academy® and Health Data Enterprise) enable us to deliver rapid ‘time to value’ solutions to...
Proven innovation

KSS AHSN Alliance for AF

By AHSN KSS The KSS AHSN is working to reduce the number of people dying or disabled by AF related stroke by optimising the use of anticoagulants.
Proven innovation

Health Futures AF Strategy

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN Eleven CCGs in Yorkshire collaborated to develop and implement a strategy to increase the rate of appropriate anticoagulation offered to patients with atrial...
Proven innovation

Faecal Calprotectin - distinguishing between IBS and IBD.

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN An innovative and sensitive new test to help GPs make the difficult discrimination between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (...
Proven innovation

GM AHSN: Salford CCG Atrial fibrillation (AF) Prevalence Project (AliveCor)

By Greater Manchester AHSN The project provides all clinicians in the Eccles and Irlam area (Salford) with a hand-held AF detection device to be used in conjunction with a smart...
Proven innovation

AHSN network AF community

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN The 15 Academic Health Science Networks in England work together to identify, share and spread ways to reduce the incidence of atrial fibrillation related...
Proven innovation

Promoting Better Apps for Better Outcomes

By ORCHA (Healthcare) Health and care apps present new and exciting opportunities for both users and the Healthcare sector at large.  As of 2015, it was estimated that 71% of...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

AF and AF related Stroke data landscape tool

By Greater Manchester AHSN NICE guidelines demonstrate the quality standards for evidence-based pathways of care, providing key markers and recommendations. The main challenge is...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

DoLSpro Assessment Support Tool

By DoLSpro Limited DoLSpro Limited is a coming together of a innovative UK software development company, and forward thinking Social Workers (including Social Workers, Approved...
Proven innovation

Iknaia - Intelligent Personnel and Asset Tracking Solution

By Iknaia Limited Iknaia Tracking provides intelligent location-based tracking of people and critical assets. Our solution makes use of the latest Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi...
Proven innovation

Yorkshire and Humber Genomic Medicine Centre

By YHAHSN The Yorkshire and Humber Genomics Medicine Centre is a collaboration between hospital trusts around the Yorkshire and Humber region to perform whole ...



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