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3D Life Prints: Anatomical Models

By Michael Richard, 3D LifePrints Added 6th Sep, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019



3DLifePrints (3DLP) provides customised 3D printed anatomical models to the medical industry. Created from MRI and CT scans, these help clinicians plan better, minimise invasive surgery plus shorten anaesthetise and rehabilitation times.

Founded in 2013 to supply low/zero cost limb prosthetics in East Africa, 3DLP UK has 3D printing and manufacturing facilities at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool.

Recent advanced 3D printing technologies are revolutionising the medical industry globally – from 3D printed implants to tissue engineering. 3D LifePrints creates anatomical models for surgical pre-assessment and as educational/ training models.

With 5million CT scans per year in the NHS, surgeons estimate 10% could have benefited from a 3D printed model to improve surgical success rates and lower hospital operational costs.


  • NHS productivity increase through adoption/use of emerging technologies
  • Reduction of time/costs in pre-surgical planning/in theatre
  • Better outcomes through planning/eliminating unknowns prior to surgery


  • Worldwide 3D printing industry estimated to be $20 billion by 2020 - healthcare sector is 20%
  • Embedded printing hub within nationwide NHS facilities enables new 3D printing developments to come directly to doctors and nurses
  • New products - multi-coloured, clear prints and different materials

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