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By John Smith, Innovation Agency Added 3rd November, 2016


This is a pilot project run by the Innovation Agency under the Innovation with Impact banner.

The initial proposal targets improvements in the healthcare for patients, whose medication is supplied by Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust.

Members of the patient group may need a compliance aid to support their medication administration and the Trust currently provides a Nomad blister tray solution. This proposal will provide the trust with a new compliance aid solution.

The new compliance aid to be reviewed is a Pouch based system produced through a robot which provides a simple, hygienic solution with a lower error rate than manual production of blister trays.

This innovation will allow changes that:

1. speed up discharge

2. reduce costs through better use of staff time and reduction in medication wastage

3. improve patient experience and safety

4. may avoid admission/re-admission

5. may improve adherence to the prescribed medication

A robot pouch machine has been installed at Halton General Hospital and commission and has now been producing pouches for patients since March 2016. The project is still in an evaluation stage. 

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