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End of Life: Improving access to patient care preferences

By Keli Shipley, Epro Added 4th July, 2017

Patients reassured their urgent care plan preferences are shared with appropriate health professionals after Epro develops End of Life care plans for a Global Digital Exemplar. 

The challenge

The final stages of life with a terminal illness can be a lonely and anxious time. Healthcare professionals provide as much support as possible, and it is essential that top class specialist palliative care spans hospitals, community and hospices. Faster, more efficient ways to coordinate high quality end of life care are required for the growing number of people in need of specialist palliative care.


The solution

NHS England says recording patients’ wishes around the last days of life, and making them available to medical staff and carers is vital for patient experience improvements. To achieve this, one Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) embarked on a project to record this information digitally and make it available in a standardised, easy-to-access way. 


Epro designed and implemented a standalone solution which linked the End of Life care plan to the current installed Epro system. The document is updated by staff throughout the patient’s admission in hospital and records information such as an individualised care plan, a hospital escalation plan, advice for community care, information about medication and discharge. The notes are available for medical staff to action, anywhere and anytime in the hospital. The End of Life note integrates with, and can be automatically distributed with the discharge summary to the GP. 

“The trust already uses many of our solutions and wanted to extend its capability with easy access and an audit trail of the agreed care plan with the patient to help medical sta ensure the highest standard of care by putting patient wishes first.”

Dr Francesca Leithold, Head of Professional Services, Epro

Access tailor-made clinical software

We have a strong history of designing bespoke software solutions that meet NHS trusts’ speci c clinical work ow, electronic document management and interoperability challenges.

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