Florence: telehealth application

Posted on 24th June, 2016



Florence (or Flo) is a Telehealth application for the NHS, named after Florence Nightingale, allowing people to actively manage their long term conditions.

People send in daily blood pressure, temperature and pulse readings via SMS to Flo. These are analysed by Flo’s system which responds within minutes via SMS to reassure the patient about their results, or advise them on the action to take. It also sends medication reminders to patients and can also alert clinicians if a patient's condition worsens.

Created by Mediaburst under licence from Stoke-on-Trent CCG, Flo is being used for heart rate, temperature, weight, medication, blood pressure, blood glucose, smoking cessation, peak flow, excercise reminders and urine tests.

A BMJ paper reported a reduction in blood pressure using Flo (Cottrell and colleagues 2012). 

For more information see https://www.getflorence.co.uk/ 

For independent reviews, evidence, case studies and videos from the collaborative NHS members community see www.simple.uk.net

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