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Health Coaching: A Better Conversation

By Penny Newman, Better Conversation Added 11th November, 2016



Health Coaching aims to enable people feel more confident and in control of managing their own health and care.

Detrimental health behaviours cause 60% of deaths, long term conditions are responsible for 70% of NHS costs, a third to half all people take their medications correctly: Health Coaching provides people with the skills through 'a better conversation' to participate in their care and reach self-identified health goals.

By providing clinicians with skills that help people identify what’s important to them, and tapping into internal motivation, evidence shows Health Coaching benefits include:

  • addressing health inequalities
  • improving health behaviours
  • improving medication compliance
  • reducing avoidable admissions.

Developed by Doctors Newman and McDowell within NHS Suffolk, Health Coaching training was rolled out across the East of England by HEE (Health Education England) before being selected for the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) Programme, a partnership between NHS England and Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), hosted by UCLP.

The implementation toolkit, co-funded by the NIA Fellowship and HEE, was commissioned by Dr Penny Newman, NIA Fellow. Her Fellowship is supported by the Innovation Agency (North West Coast), Eastern and Yorkshire and Humber AHSNs.


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