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The Hydrant: hands-free hydration

By Denise McMinn, Hydrate for Health Added 6th Sep, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019



The Hydrant is a hydration system with a drinking tube which can be hung, hooked or clipped to provide convenient, hands-free hydration. 

Created for those less mobile who risk dehydration through a shortage of regular access to drinks, The Hydrant is designed to provide increased independence by drinking without assistance. The product offers hydration benefits to both users and care providers across healthcare and maternity.

Using the Hydrant in hospitals, care homes and as part of at-home care programmes has a range of benefits:

  • Users can drink unassisted, decreasing their risk of dehydration
  • Users can be increasingly independent, living a more dignified life
  • The risk of serious illness and infection relating to dehydration is reduced
  • Users will have a better experience and sense of wellbeing

Professional care savings and efficiencies include:

  • Helping prevent dehydration-related hospital admissions
  • Saving valuable staff resource, releasing more time for healthcare professionals
  • Contributing towards a speedier recovery, freeing up beds more quickly


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