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LATEX-FREE Gloves: Leanvation

By John Smith, Innovation Agency Added 6th Sep, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019



Leanvation is the world’s first 100% latex-free surgical glove brand.

Exposure to latex can lead to the development of a potentially fatal latex allergy in both staff and patients – however material science constraints have meant that latex has long remained the only viable material for surgical gloves.

Using the latest synthetic polyisoprene technology, Leanvation has developed a range of latex-free gloves, thinner and softer than comparative designs, without compromising strength. Suitable across most surgical procedures, hospital operating theatres can reduce the number of product lines stocked by more than 50%.

With support from the Innovation Agency, Leanvation overcame the rigorous processes involved in securing three framework award contracts with three large NHS supply hubs – SBS, HTE and NHS Supply Chain. Leanvation surgical gloves are now available to NHS trusts throughout the country.

Leanvation managing director, Dr Jonathan Day, said: “This is the breakthrough we have been waiting for; there is strict governance in the health service which means that only a limited number of approved companies are allowed to provide supplies.”

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