MyDirectives - Emergency, Critical and Advance Care Planning Service

Posted on 22nd July, 2016

ADVault Inc is the creator of and MyDirectives Mobile. We are a US company based in Dallas, Texas. 

MyDirectives gives consumers over the age of 18 all they need to create multi-media emergency, critical and advance care plans (ECACPs). This is a community initiative that requires no professional medical time to implement but delivers considerable cash releasing savings for health economies.


Once the videos and structured forms of the emergency, critical and advance care plans are completed MyDirectives works with healthcare economies to ensure a) the consumers preferences, values and goals can always be retrieved either via the summary care record, GP record, organ donor register and b) that adoption is maximised through GP surgeries, hospitals and national sources like E-referrals and NHS Choices.

Below are some videos that will give you an understanding of what we are trying to achieve. 

1. This 45-second video our exclusive work with Apple/mobile platform

2.  This 5-minute overview (password: ADV123) of our web platform

3.  This TEDx Talk on the real impact on quality of care of our work

We are looking from support from AHSNs to get ADVault infront of regional leaders who could implement the MyDirectives proposition at scale. For example we recently deployed in 50 hospitals in five US states and created ECACPs for one million consumers as part of the Oklahoma Care Coordination Health Exchange. We are also proposing to work with the National Council for Palliative Care on a UK variation of our global proposition and already adhere to the global HL7 standard for ECACPs.


Key Objectives

  1. Studies suggest anyone presenting in a health care crisis with an emergency, critical and advance care plan can save a health economy between £399 and £2,100 depending on the nature of the crisis. The savings are generated because there is a natural bias


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