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Patient Engagement App (HospitalAide)

By Mike Lee, CSC Added 26th April, 2016

Interact and engage with patients in real time, before during and after their visit to a care facility using real time location systems and state of the art mobile technology.


This is a patient facing app that hospitals can buy and have styled to their own design, and customised with their own patient-facing content. It allows hospital (and other healthcare provider) staff to engage with patients before they attend a facility, while they are within a facilty, and then when they have left.


A patient’s movements within the care setting can be tracked by real time location systems (Beacons, WiFi proximity, Active RFID, etc.) so that the system can be ‘situationally aware’ and send the patient relevant messages and notifications accordingly.

The Details 

Featured functionality will include:

  • Pre-stay reminders
  • Diary management
  • Integration with EHR
  • Integration with real time location tracking
  • Auto check in and wayfinding
  • Personal Health Record
  • Free membership of PatientsLikeMe
  • Connection to popular fitness tracker apps
  • Ability to share information carers and family
  • Real time patient feedback
  • Find My Patient
  • Apps library and API management
  • An area for your proprietary content
  • Patient dashboard (health data on a screen)

The name of the application can be changed to reflect your organisation and branding.

Patients will be able to download this from the Apple or Google apps stores, and install it easily onto their mobile devices. We suggest that links to do this are sent on reminder letters and texts. We would also recommend that as a way of ensuring maximum uptake of the app, patients are only able to access free WiFi via this application. We can help you to make sure that is the case.

If you are interested in implementing a real time location tracking system, we will work with you to determine:

  • The best types of technology to fit your use cases
  • Where the technology should be located
  • How it will interact with patients’ devices

Our standard platform for doing this is IBM Bluemix and Presence Insights, but we can adapt to meet your needs if necessary.


  • Real time engagement with patients
  • Better control of patient flow within a care facility
  • Build patient trust
  • Access patient collected data
  • Develop predictive models based on this data e.g. for real time patient risk scores
  • Auto check in could save costs
  • Improve staff productivity through better patient insight
  • Ready made platform for your patient facing content (and apps)

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