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Patient Management Database - Brain Injury

By Pete Taylor Taylor, Second Chance Headway Centre Added 31st Oct, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019


Second Chance provided Therapy Led Rehabilitation for Adults with Acquired Brain Injuries in the greater Wakefield area.  We were established 38 years ago and in recent years have greatly developed our services to include a wide range of assessment and referral services, Memory groups and Cognitive Sessions, Vocational and occupational Therapy, Music therapy, S.A.L.T., Physio, Craft and Living skills rehabilitation.  At any time we have 90 members attending our day centre and double that number in our outreach programme.

We  need to develop a database with these objectives.

1. Secure and resilient storage.

2. Online 24/7 availability

3. Reduction of paper records and hence physical storage and archive

4. Reporting and analysis.

My post is Business Manager, my background is 30 years as an Operational IT department manager.   I am looking for any offer of an existing database of system that will satisfy our requirement, or one that can be quickly developed. 


Pete Taylor

Business Manager - Second Chance Wakefield.  www.schc.co.uk