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Re-imagining Speech and Language Therapy through Gamification

By Martha Currie , Mable Therapy Added 3rd Jan, 2017 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

We are re-imagining speech and language therapy using our custom built telehealth platform. We provide therapy to children and young people, track data, streamline communication, train professionals and have fun!


What are the benefits to patients? 

  • Access to Experts - Regardless of their location in the UK, we can match patients to the most appropriate specialists for their specific clinical needs.
  • Save Money - No need to pay transportation expenses, or be burdened with empty sessions when pupils are absent.
  • Increased Flexibility - Scheduled session times that work for pupils and teachers and caregivers
  • Measured Improvement - Real-time monitoring of progress of individual pupil data with a comprehensive report at the end of every session.
  • Improve outcomes - Online therapy reduces anxiety and supports children to be motivated and engage with therapy. The use of an independent headset improves learning and decreases sensory overload.
  • Increased Engagement - Mable’s evidence based games produce immediate responses to the child's clicks or touches of the screen. They reward patients to progress through tasks channelling their unique ability to support intrinsic success.

For more information please see our website mablethreapy.com or email info@mabletherapy.com 

Useful resources

In this clip, Bobby is working with his speech and language therapist on his vocabulary and sentence structure alongside reading

The Mable approach has been getting some amazing results in schools across the country, check out our video to see what SENCOs a

A short summary of the Mable programme for schools. Watch part of a session, how reports are produced and how to join a session.

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