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Sensor 3: COPD self-monitoring



The Sensor 3 self-care project enables COPD patients to monitor vital health signs and measurements from home using the Lung Health 3 app. Through tracking and sharing the information with healthcare workers and early intervention, it helps reduce the number and severity of hospital admissions.

Designed by Aseptika Limited, Sensor 3 uses simple step-by-step instructions and motivational messages to support COPD patients enabling them to collect 41 vital measurements – from blood pressure and heart rate to weight and activity levels – in 12 minutes. The health data as graphs and charts highlight any abnormalities and is then shared with health workers.

A feasibility study supported by NWC AHSN in April 2016 working with the Knowsley Respiratory Community Team has shown increased patient confidence in managing their condition and has highlighted how patients can recognise any health deterioration and contact the COPD rapid response team for treatment; thus preventing unnecessary hospital admission.

Runners up in the digital healthcare category at the O2 NextGen Awards in October 2016, the Sensor 3 project is currently being used by patients in Knowsley CCG.

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