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Simple Blood Test To Rule Out Pre-Eclampsia



The Elecsys® immunoassay sFlt-1/PlGF ratio can improve diagnostic accuracy and inform clinical decision-making in the prediction and management of pre-eclampsia (PE)

Via a simple blood test, Pre-eclampsia (PE), a serious pregnancy complication, can be ruled out, thus avoiding undue anxiety in pregnant mothers and unnecessary hospitalisation.

The sFlt-1/PlGF blood test rules out PE manifestation within one week, avoiding admission as women can be routinely monitored from home.

Recently developed by Roche Diagnostics, the test removes the uncertainty around the signs of PE that can lead to late diagnosis or unnecessary hospitalisation of women and subsequent pressure on maternity services.

Roche has demonstrated the clinical and cost-effectiveness of the test, gained regulatory approval and NICE recommendation.

Supported by the Innovation Agency to facilitate faster adoption, and benefit the NHS and patients, the innovation is currently being used in the Oxford region, with further roll out imminent.

sFlt/PIGF benefits:

  • Potentially life-saving care for patient and unborn child
  • Reduction in unnecessary hospitalisation by 50%
  • Simple identification of patients with high risk of developing PE
  • Cost savings of £344/patient, thus saving NHS £16m/year

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