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Urine Sample Collector

Thew Urine Sample Collector was developed through research conducted for a project to fullfill the developemnt of a system to test for sexually transmitted deseases. The design intent was to capture either a random sample or specifically the 'first flow' up of 40ml.


First Flow: is the specimen primarily looking to identify sexually transmitted diseases and possibly drugs tests. There is a higher concentration of bacteria and cellular debris in the urinary tract and lower bladder.

Random Specimen: is the specimen most commonly sent to the laboratory for analysis, primarily because it is the easiest to obtain and is readily available.

This specimen is usually submitted for urinalysis and microscopic analysis. The device was primarily for use by men only, although if research indicates developments could include modification of the design is adapted to women’s needs. The Sample Collector is designed to prototype stage and we have working prototype to prove the product viability.

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