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Airglove is a CE Certified Digital Medical Device developed by Green Cross Medico, as there was a clearly defined need by medical professionals at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to meet the challenges in oncology vascular access. With extended courses of treatment such as chemotherapy repeated cannulation is often required. Airglove can benefit fragile, hidden or damaged veins by gently vasodilating them with timed thermal regulation in 3 minutes. Airglove strives to meet the challenges in vascular access enhancing wellbeing by improving hygiene, reducing costs and potential gram negative infections. In trials at MTW achieved 87.5% 1st time cannulation.


Airglove has taken over 5 years of development, research, trials and evaluations in conjunction with many partners including NHS Innovations South East, The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Glasgow Caledonian University and The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. Since launching Airglove in 2018 many patients across the UK have experienced the benefits it affords with easier cannulation as it achieved 87.5% 1st time success in trials at MTW instead of up to 6 attempts in each arm. Recently working with West of Scotland PET Centre, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow we received very good results. Mary Milligan Imaging Specialist Manager said "It is proving to be very helpful, we are gaining venous access quicker which helps with our timed injections. This means that our day is flowing more smoothly and it's helping us to keep to appointment times. Therefore, less extra waiting time for our patients.  It is also allowing us to mostly cannulise rather than use butterflies. It takes longer to administer the radioactive isotope through butterflies. This means the dose of radiation the technical staff receive while doing this task is lower. This is always our aim to reduce our personal dose". Airglove improves cost savings for the NHS not only in consumables but infection rates and nursing time wasted on cannulation attempts. Glasgow Caledonian University ultrasound trial report will be available shortly along with Health Improvement Scotland who are an authority on the development of evidence-based advice, guidance and standards. Airglove is available through our distributor Aquilant.