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By Rakeeb Chowdhury, Hummingbirds Medical Added 17th Jun, 2021 Updated 13th Jul, 2021

BookYourGP is much more than an automated "Recall System". It will help you provide the best possible care for your patients, increase efficiency & productivity for your surgery while reducing medico-legal risk and costs to boot!

BookYourGP is the only tool you will ever need to coordinate and organise complex medical care for chronic conditions, amber medications and patient care.


Before BookYourGP: You don't know if all your amber medications are being followed up, you can't be confident that your patients have been correctly risk stratified, you don't know which patients have missed their chronic disease reviews, you are unaware of who has a new diagnosis of a given condition and whether they will get reviewed in a timely manner, your team struggle to systematise recalls and combine appointments.

After BookYourGP: You will be on top of all your medication and disease reviews, you will be able to combine appointments and save thousands of appointments per year, you can sleep easy at night knowing that no patients have been missed and that you are not exposed to any medico-legal risk.

BookYourGP comes with all amber drug recalls and chronic disease recalls preloaded. The recalls are tailor made for each surgery. We carry out hundreds of clinical reports and analyse them for you ensuring that they are done in a way where everyone - clinicians & patients - are happy.  Once you're all organised, we provide you with all the clinical reports and functionality you will ever need to maintain your disease and amber drug recall registers forever.

We have yet to find a surgery where less than 30% of recalls are overdue and in our audits we have shown that BookYourGP provides administrative savings of around £4,000 per 1,000 patients.

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