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CATCH (Common Approach to Children's Health)

By CATCH App, Damibu Added 1st Aug, 2019 Updated 25th Sep, 2019

The CATCH service provides a free app for parents and carers from conception until the age of five. With the number of resources available, it can be difficult to know who to trust, so CATCH provides local NHS-approved information with the user's best interests at heart. It provides trusted information from multiple sources on topics in health and wellbeing. All information in CATCH is approved by local professionals in NHS and/ or public health teams. CATCH also delivers relevant articles to the parent’s phone tailored to their child’s age and area.


The Common Approach to Children’s Health (CATCH) is a health information app aimed at parents and carers from pregnancy to age five. CATCH aims to ease the sense of information overload which parents and carers can experience during pregnancy and a child’s early years. It does this by providing articles from the NHS as well as national charities and organisations in one place together with details of local services and support. Everything in CATCH is approved by local clinicians so the information is trusted and reliable.

CATCH has a range of useful features to empower new parents: 

  • Personalised Advice - Users can create profiles for their children, using their name, gender and date of birth or due date. CATCH then provides a list of health articles most relevant to the child's age, tailored to suit them as they grow. Articles can be 'favourited' articles too, to keep the ones of interest close at hand.
  • Notifications - CATCH delivers timely notifications linked to articles relevant to the child's stage of development or the season (e.g. flu vaccinations and sun safety).
  • Learn - the Learn section contains a multitude of health information drawn mainly from NHS Choices and larger, trusted organisations which is reviewed regularly by local GPs.
  • Local Services - this section contains a map of the local health and social care services available in the user's area. This includes the nearest GP surgery, dentists or pharmacies.
  • Privacy - CATCH is fully compliant with information governance - identifiable information doesn't leave the user's phone

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