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Compass - Informed Patient Consent app

By Claire Bale, C2-Ai Added 10th Dec, 2019 Updated 10th Feb, 2021

Research showed that £6.3million were paid in claims by Barts Health NHS Trust because of alleged uninformed consent, and an audit showed less than 1/3rd of patients completely understand their procedure.  (2013-2018). 

£144million was paid out across all NHS Trusts (2016-2018) where a failure to inform before consent was the cause. (Compass can support with resolving these matters)


Compass provides a real time personalised assessment of a patients risk prior to treatment – high accurate risk predictions for mortality and complications, to support truly informed patient consent, and/or optimisation prior to treatment.


Compass provides:

• Informed patient consent.

• Personalised assessment of a patients risk prior to treatment – high accurate risk predictions for mortality and complications

• Triage of patients by doctors – provides an auditable record that the risks have been understood by the patient

• Patient optimisation – individualised patient risk analysis supports decisions on optimisation for better outcomes before referral

• Reduce harm and mortality – manage the patient’s individualised complication risks to reduce avoidable harm, mortality and associated costs

• Simple and Powerful – surgical assessments completed in around a minute and reports generated there and then

• Trustworthy – based on learning over 30 years, 120 million patient records, data from 46 countries, inputs from 300 hospitals, operating in 11 countries.

From a study carried out across 6 hospitals in the South East:

Other systems are more complex or have limitations (pre-operative assessment)

Nottingham Hip Fracture Score – mortality risk only/ acute illness not included/ last updated 2015

ASA – risk bands/ inter-rater reliability/ prognostic limitations with existing co-morbidities

SORT – mortality risk only/ relies on ASA

Almelo Hip Fracture score (AHFS) – mortality risk only/risk bands/ relies on ASA

P-POSSUM – over-estimates morbidity and mortality in higher risk patients

ACS – NSQUIP – incomplete dataset/ voluntary submissions

APACHE II, III – peri-op mortality risk based on first 24hrs ICU admission


Publications and case studies available on request - please contact us 020 8144 6967