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Covid-19 Remote Patient Quarantine Care Solution

By Scott Gibson, Connected4Health Added 1st Apr, 2020 Updated 3rd Jun, 2020

Buddy Healthcare aims to help our health system in the battle against Covid-19. BuddyCare patient care platform provides daily symptom-tracking and supportive, secure communications between individuals and healthcare professionals. Currently, a Covid-19 patient’s symptoms are only measured ad hoc, and no further insight is gained into the progress of the symptoms, so that the patient’s condition may deteriorate until he or she requires hospitalisation. This solution is a patient app that tracks a patient's symptons, and a clinician platform that allows monitoting of Covid-19 risk and deterioration.



The ability to manage and track Covid-19 symptoms and ensure the patient is informed about their condition can help identify which patients need hospitalisation. Quality of care, accurate, timely information and instructions about Covid-19 published by healthcare authorities and agencies improve the healthcare experience. Patients also benefit from being able to reference symptoms through the FAQs and put a direct question to NHS111 Covid-19 teams. Better warning of a change in symptoms allows health professionals to better track and plan resources. The provision of information and the tracking of symptoms would keep people away from primary and acute services and the NHS 111 helpdesk. This would also benefit the next stage of the virus where testing and tracing would complement the virus outbreak and hotspots phase. It can also incorporate PREMs and PROMs. It is FIHR and HL7 compatible, and CE marked as an app and Ecosystem for Care.

The core technology is already in use, covering eight surgical pathways, and the Covid-19 solution has been developed to help in the management of the virus symptoms. The core product is used in Europe and is scalable. The product is also GDPR-compliant. 

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