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Digital Cognitive Assessments

By John Picken, Cambridge Brain Sciences Added 17th Oct, 2019 Updated 4th Mar, 2020

CBS Health has developed a leading web-based platform for the assessment of cognitive function.

It saves clinicans time and effort by automating manual tasks such as administering assessments, maintaining and storing data, analysing and interpreting results, and searching for patient reports.

There is no limit to the number of patients that can be assessed or the number of test administrators, making it highy scalable in all NHS settings.

Low cost and easy to set up, our product and science teams provide full support for successful implementation.



The CBS Health web-enabled platform allows for widescale assessment of cognition either remotely or in clinic.

It provides immediate, accurate and objective results, replacing the variable, subjective interpretation of traditional paper-based assessments.

It produces a reliable and scientifically validated cognitive assessment report in as little as 15 minutes. Assessments do not need to be administered by a clinician, freeing up valuable resources.

It can be taken on tablet, laptop or desktop and provides an engaging and unintimidating experience for patients, ensuring they can quickly and effectively understand the task instructions in order to produce accurate results.

Results are tracked over time with indicators showing whether changes in task results are potentially meaningful relative to a patient’s previous scores.

Based on advanced brain mapping and brain imaging tools (fMRI) and validated in over 300 peer-reviewed studies.

There is a pricing model that supports unlimited cognitive tests, which can significantly reduce cost to system.

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