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Digital Health in Urgent Care

Northern Health plans to implement phase two of our Digital Health project. This will build on the features of our new website and app, to include secure medical video consultation through our web and app and our advanced clinical staffing rota management features.  

Supports the local population by reducing waiting times and lists. Our core innovation project is Digital Health, for which we have been recognised in the Top 100 Digital Enterprises across the Leeds City region. 

Integration of process support - rota management, compliance, customer service and business development in a healthcare context. 


The digital health solution will provide the following features:

- Advanced clinical rota management from a mobile platform. 

-Secure medical vido confrencing from the same mobile platform. 

-Supports the patient self care agenda. For example, pain management and other long term conditions. 

We have already delivered phase one of the project and phase two is at advance stage of development, this has provided a proof of concept. Key deliverables to date are;

-Website front end

-Mobile app interface

-Data design to deliver clinical staffing automation – this ensures that clinical staff are fit and ready to cover shifts in the NHS.

-Board reporting support to support strategic decision making.

-Prototyping secure video conferencing.

Project benefits to the NHS-

-Improved healthcare outcomes for patients

-Costs reduction for the NHS

-Productivity gains for the NHS

-Improve value for money for the NHS

-Reduces patient waiting times

-Supports the local community e.g. employing additional apprentices, team members and clinical staff

-Improves financial sustainability for our business

-Offers new career progression advantages to our team

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