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Digital Respiratory Solutions for patients and clinicians

By Thomas Antalffy, Smart Respiratory Products Added 10th Dec, 2021 Updated 22nd Feb, 2022

Smart Respiratory Products began in 2014 at Imperial College, London.

Smart Peak Flow enables patients to provide clinical data at home, supporting remote monitoring initatives. It is a CE registered Medical Device, ISO13485 certified and ORCHA approved. Research partners include Harvard Medical School and the multinational firm Sandoz.

Studies demonstrate triple the monitoring adherence, compared to standard peak flow meters. As well as increased adherance leading to 50% reduction in emergency events. Less emergency events will bring with it associated cost savings, but more importantly improved quality of life (QOL) for patients.

Implementation is proactively supported and includes onboarding patients and providing traning to the clinical teams.



Smart Respiratory Products provide a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions to support the remote monitoring of respiratory conditions and patient behaviours.

The Smart Peak Flow is a palm size device that connects directly to a phone through the headphone port or via Bluetooth.  

Through a patient centric app, the user is talked through the process of providing a peak flow reading. After each blow, the peak flow reading is automatically recorded on to the app. No paper, no writing and no risk of incorrectly recording the data. All readings are explained to the patient to support patient education, and the readings can be shared with clinicians to support a personalised asthma action plan (PAAP) and medicines reviews. A handy reminder function can also be set to support compliance.

The data is uploaded directly to the patient app and clinical cloud platform. Here it can be used to support remote management and telemedicine consultations. As well as empower patients to monitor and manage their condition.

How a Trust or locality chooses to use the Smart Peak Flow is obviously up to them. However we do provide support in terms of arranging device delivery to the patient's home and we have tuturials and easy walk-thru guides to support inboarding. We can provide clinicians with reports in PDF format should they not wish to utiliste our digital platform. These can be integrated into patient records. 

Patient and clinician testimonials are available on our website,





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