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By Joachim Werr, Health Navigator Added 25th Sep, 2019 Updated 3rd Jun, 2020

Working with the NHS, Health Navigator predicts and prevents avoidable urgent and emergency care by combining powerful artificial intelligence with proactive health coaching. This means identifying and addressing the £6bn challenge of patients who frequently return to A&E without receiving the care they really need. In addition to improved PROMs, results show up to: 59% decrease in unplanned admissions, 52% reduction in A&E attendances, and nearly 40% reduction in total hospital costs for our patients.  The company is currently conducting a randomised control trial in collaboration with the Nuffield Trust, and we are currently deployed at seven NHS sites.


Just 1% of the population account for 53% of unplanned bed days.  Our solution identifies and supports these most vulnerable patients, relieves the local urgent and emergency care (UEC) ecosystem and returns some significant results.

Combining the analytical power of AI with nurse-led patient coaching, Health Navigator significantly reduces UEC and improves patient quality of life. Working with our NHS partners we do four things:

  1. Deploy cutting-edge AI and data analytics to predict and identify the most vulnerable patients. 
  2. Place dedicated, highly trained registered healthcare professionals in A&E
  3. Coach and navigate the 1% most vulnerable patients at risk of occupying over 50% of all hospital beds
  4. Improve PROMs while significantly reducing the need for Urgent and Emergency Care

Our AI predictive power is trained on local big datasets. Following training, the AI is installed on hospital servers and analyses data daily to identify patients at risk of urgent and emergency care need. Our locally trained AI approach has enabled us to adapt our predictive power to local populations and demographics, reaching out with precision to most vulnerable patients irrespective of their clinical diagnosis. Following identification of high-risk frequent attenders, we approach the patient holistically, through our nurse-led proactive health coaching that lasts six months.

We are a digital health company that combines tech with patient-centric behavior change and health coaching. We are also an integrated care company as we unite acute care patient identification and frequent A&E attender risk prediction with an intervention to empower and activate vulnerable patients at home.

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