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iPlato Healthcare

By Kieran Waterston, iPlato Healthcare Added 8th Feb, 2018 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

iPlato provides a trusted solution to more than 2000 GP practices across the UK. Our solution allows practices to communicate directly with their patients via SMS or Data services. Appointment reminders with direct cancellation functionality can be combined with online services via our myGP App, for which patients can self-register for reducing demands on the practice. We can also provide enhanced functionality such as Triage/Online consultation. iPlato are GPSoC, G-Cloud and DPS compliant. 


iPlato can provide patient-facing services and 2-way SMS.  Patients using the free myGP app will dramatically reduce the CCG’s SMS costs as messages will be delivered by data through the app automatically. 

The app currently allows• appointment booking• cancellation• access to medical records• medication adherence• self-care app cards• reminders• secure clinical to patient messaging• automatic gathering of QoF data e.g. smoking Direct Booking: Patients can be re-called digitally for programmes e.g. flu vaccination and directly book appointments without needing to call the practice.

Circle of Care (proxy Access): Allows parents to manage their children’s (u12) health requirements, and where authorised, carers can manage relatives care for anyone over the age of 16

Access Medical Records: Where the patient has enhanced registration, they can access their medical records from within the app.

Signposting/Diversions: Patients are presented with information that informs them of alternatives to GP appointments. 

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