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Leeds CCG - Case Study online Auditing & Quality Assurance

By Paul Kaye, QuiqSolutions Ltd Added 24th April, 2019

Leeds CCG implemented QuiqSolutions' PAC Provider Assurance & Compliance platform for contract and quality monitoring of 46 nursing homes they commisson services from.

By moving to PAC and using its automated processes, the CCG was able to realise immediate efficiency savings and to focus on quality improvement using a collaborative approach working with providers. 

Key performance data and service information is recorded within PAC so that intelligence lead commissioning decisions can be made, information is available for sharing with other commissioners avoiding duplication and reducing the workload for providers.


Leeds CCG need assurance that care providers including nursing homes meet minimum standards and also national requirements enforced by the CQC. Care services are required to report key audit and performance data to the CCG monthly, quarterly and annually in areas relating to clinical, safeguarding and regulatory compliance.

The process before was time-consuming to operate from both the commissioner's and providers' perspective. Leeds would work with providers when problems were identified, but there was no system-driven approach to quality improvement and a lack of traceability on any follow up actions needed.

Recognising these challenges, the CCG sought a better approach to quality monitoring and the entire assurance and auditing process, seeking substantial gains in efficiency and becoming pro-active and streamlined whilst providing real-time reporting and on-going monitoring of progress.

Increasing efficiency and reducing administration costs were key issues at the same time driving quality improvement and monitoring progress in the provider community. After engaging with QuiqSolutions they contracted to use PAC with the 46 nursing homes they commissioned services from in a project lead by the CCG’s CHC and Contract Management team.  

Commenting, Andrea Dobson, Head of Continuing Care said: “We immediately saw the potential for PAC as a way of streamlining our work with providers and improving the information available that we need to effectively monitor quality and performance. We also saw the potential for the homes to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to put in place action plans for the benefit of all parties, especially for people using and working in their services.”

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