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Limbic - Enabling the best psychological therapy

By Syed Abrar, Limbic Limited Added 19th May, 2022 Updated 23rd May, 2022

Limbic is one unifying AI therapy assistant for healthcare providers, clinicians and service users: an end-to-end digital platform for talk therapy.


Limbic builds AI based software for mental health clinicians and patients. Using conversational AI, Limbic’s chatbot helps to reduce the administrative burden for clinicians and keeps patients engaged throughout various points of the clinical pathway. 

The solutions are able to support the assessment process, provide evidence-based support to patients on the waitlist for mental health treatment and can facilitate remote monitoring between sessions, while sharing data and insights with services to support their decision-making. 

This frees up capacity for overstretched mental health services and reduces wait times for patients. Furthermore, the organisation’s digital triage assistant, Limbic Access, which is the most widely used mental health triage chatbot within the NHS, has been recognised as a High Impact Digital Tool for the Delivery of IAPT services by NHS England. 

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