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Lug Traza - Cancer drug traceability and E2E audit to eliminate errors

By Nick Wrinch, Lug Healthcare Technology Added 5th May, 2021 Updated 9th Jul, 2021

Lug Traza a single seamless end-to-end pharmacy auditing and traceabilty solution, working alongside existing processes, workstations, equipment, and hospital systems. Designed for comprehensive cancer drug traceability, to detect, eliminate and report on errors in workflow, procedures and processes, all in real time.

Minimal implementation and low staff impact with highly dependable proven results.

Results show over one million cancer drug doses have been validated, end-to-end, error-free

Plus paediatrics and trial modules

Guaranteed medication safety while reducing costs, improving quality assurance, patient outcomes and efficiencies with visualised reporting on all collected data providing valued decision support, hitherto unavailable with existing systems.


Lug specialises in developing full traceability solutions for pharmacy and clinicians in chemotherapy regime production and administration that ensures safety, efficiency and assured quality that eliminates errors in real time, so guaranteeing patient safety. Designed to audit processes and workflows to deliver the exact administration of cytotoxic drug treatments.

Supplementary modules include and oncology-based EPA, paediatrics and a trials module.

To date one million cancer drug doses have been delivered with zero errors affecting the patient.

Installed in many pharmacies, Traza is clinically proven to eliminate errors, save cancer drug costs by 10%, oncology costs by 18% and increase efficiencies by 8% - guaranteeing patient safety. 

  • Stock logistics recognises the drug barcode and re-labels each patient preparation to optimize the management of warehouses, lots, expiration dates and product remnants.
  • Quality audit controls continue to include the cytostatic administration in the ward, outpatients or even care at home.
  • Fully integrated with existing hospital processes and systems with complete and comprehensive security.
  • The pharmacist has complete drug and regimen traceability.

This system is an innovation ensuring patient safety throughout the pharmacy and therapeutic process, thus improving patient safety, staff safety and efficiencies and cost reduction.

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