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Miya Precision

By Dan Ridsdale, Alcidion Added 30th Jun, 2021 Updated 12th Jul, 2021

Alcidion was founded on the simple belief that smart technology can drive meaningful change in care provision. Since 2000, we have worked hard to create not just world-leading health informatics and solutions, but a future that is smarter and safer for all. Where every point of care is personalised and precise. Where clinicians have insights at their fingertips to prevent clinical errors and intervene. Today, with Miya Precision we are on a mission to help even more healthcare organisations harness the power of their data to improve patient outcomes and we have only just begun.


Miya Precision is a smart clinical solution based on a FHIR-event platform that allows health organisations and care providers to access health information for meaningful use, enhancing patient safety, patient experience and operational efficiency. It enhances your existing healthcare IT investments by establishing a system of engagement aligned with clinical workflows.

Miya Precision provides clinicians with actionable insights to directly impact patient care by consolidating information from disparate systems. It applies clinical decision support and artificial intelligence, resulting in actionable insights that directly impact patient care. The solution is based on human factor design, and information is presented in an intuitive interface highlighting critical actions.

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