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MUTU System

MUTU System is the pioneering, body-positive, medically recommended online exercise programme for mothers. MUTU has already helped over 56,000 mums get healthier, fitter and stronger since 2009. Our holistic programme and expert-led community empowers women to gain confidence in how their body looks, works and feels.The MUTU System programme is a web app accessible via any mobile device, computer, or smart TV web browser. The full paid-for version of MUTU System is available on our website. However we have also created a free taster version to enable easy referral by NHS professionals to patients.


MUTU provides evidence-based proven techniques to improve pelvic and abdominal symptoms from ‘baby belly’ or diastasis recti to embarrassing leaks, painful sex or prolapse symptoms. More than 56,000 women worldwide have already purchased the programme.

NHS GP surgeries, midwives and women's health physiotherapists refer patients to MUTU as a safe solution for incontinence, prolapse symptoms, diastasis recti and painful sex, as well as related mental health issues and general postnatal core strengthening. MUTU offers a non-invasive and safe alternative to controversial mesh surgery in many cases.

In November 2018 a survey was carried out, based on clinical surveys: EPAQ PF, Female Sexual Function Index, Urinary Distress Inventory, King's Health Questionnaire and Pelvic Organ Prolapse Distress Inventory 6.

The results are from 906 women who had used MUTU System for six weeks or more. Responses were anonymised.

97% of women who couldn’t successfully locate or engage their pelvic floor muscles before, were able to after using MUTU System

92% of women who had experienced bladder symptoms including urinary leakage saw improvement after using MUTU System

88% of women suffering from symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse reported improvement after using MUTU System

89% of women who experienced pain or discomfort during or after sexual intercourse reported an improvement after doing MUTU System

94% of women with diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) reported an improvement after using MUTU System

94% of women who used MUTU System felt an improvement in how they felt about their body and what it was able to do.

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