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Qubiotech Health Intelligence is a medical imaging start-up dedicated to the development and commercialization of cloud software for improving the diagnostic of neurodegenerative diseases by means of advanced image processing. Neurocloud cloudplatform provides quantitative and visual information of PET, SPECT and MRI images in a few minutes, allowing natural integration within the clinical workflow. Easy web access fosters communication among different specialties physicians, reducingbarriers to team work. Neurocloud helps to improve diagnostic confidence, reducing diagnosis subjectivity and improving time per patient.


Neurocloud hosts fully automatic image processing algorithms covering most of the daily clinical needs for aiding in the diagnostic of neurological conditions. Currently, Neurocloud can process PET (FDG and amyloid), SPECT (HMPAO and I118) and MRI images, quantifying them and comparing against healthy controls to identify in a few minutes patient abnormalities. Key benefits of Neurocloud are:

  • Fast, intuitive and fully automatic

  • Ready to use, no set-up required

  • 100% compatible with your technology

  • Safe and clinically validated

Neurocloud provides both visual and quantitative information in a single report, allowing a fast identification of abnormalities with greater sensitivity than the visual inspection and enabling accurate follow-up of the disease evolution by means of abnormalitites quantification.

Nuerocloud is already used in several reference hospitals in Spain such as the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela and the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, where physicians find that Neurocloud helps them to improve communication between image interpretation (radiologists and nuclear physicians) and diagnostic making (neurologists) as they are able to move from subjective interpretation to figure-based objective information.


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