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Patient Flow Management from Intouch with Health

By Doug Hopkins, Intouch with Health Added 18th Nov, 2019 Updated 21st Nov, 2019

Intouch with Health consult, design and deploy outpatient flow management solutions to 54 Trusts and 95 Hospitals in the UK. We have deployed several globally including Australia and Latvia and soon Qatar. We provide 3 core module layers;

1. Patient Flow - digital check in and supportive applications that include wait times, calling and maps.

2. Clinical Hub - optimal patient activity flow, management of clinical rooms and resources, electronic outcomes and virtual clinics.

3. Synopsis preop - medical device level 1 delivering digital preop assessments.


All layers bringing Trusts within year ROI, improved patient experience and journey


Intouch with Health Virtual Clinics Management Suite

Intouch with Health latest innovative development is our Virtual Clinics Management Suite. We have taken our core services of patient check in and flow and integrated this with various technology mediums to deliver an holistic virtual solution. We have a number of leading partners across across video consultations and Long Term Condition Management - providing Trusts with a solution that allows the Clinician and their patient to chose the right technology for their skills and clinical need.

Integration of various technologies into our aatient check in and flow is a significant benefit to Trusts for several reasons;

1. Patients and Clinicians already used to check in and patient flow platform.

2. Minimal training required for staff.

3. Helps them towards the Governements target of 30% reduction in FU's.

4. The Trust knows which patient is in what virtual clinic, reducing the need of any administration of that interaction.

5. Management reporting - our module will provide the Trust with accurate information on all types of Attendances.

6. Help to reduce DNA's further.

7. Help Trusts to manage increasing demands smarter that may enable them to reduce their waiting times further.

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