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By Kate Pym, Rehab Guru Added 29th Apr, 2020 Updated 5th Jun, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis a number of patients will be experiencing injuries, or be post-operative and in need of physiotherapeutic intervention. Often it will not be possible for them to receive this in line with best practice, increasing the risk of chronicity and deterioration leading to long-term costs and potential for impaired quality of life, loneliness and isolation.

Rehab Guru is a powerful tool for exercise prescribing for use by physiotherapists and clinicians in the community, without the need for physical contact. 



Cost saving to the NHS would be significant: prevention of one outpatient appointment pays for 4 annual user licences.

Rehab Guru has been in continuous use by the Ministry of Defence since 2015 in the UK and overseas. Rehab Guru enables junior doctors to confidently prescribe exercises to rehabilitate service personnel even in the most challenging environments. The MOD have found Rehab Guru so beneficial that it has recently renewed this contract. 

Rehab Guru offers:

  • GPs the confidence to manage minor MSK problems effectively without onward referral
  • physiotherapists fast, effective methods of prescribing exercise programs, tailored to the needs of individuals using telehealth consultations.

Intuitive - 30 minutes learning time to implement. Prescriptions can be shared, so patient adherence and outcomes can be viewed and monitored across integrated care teams. Group function provides a dashboard view for oversight and governance.  Telehealth offers the opportunity to conduct consultations by video, meaning that patients can be assessed and prescribed for without physical contact.

More than 5,000 exercises plus the option of creating your own. Create your program from scratch exactly as you want it.

Take our templates, save your own templates or follow other therapists’ templates to make exercise prescriptions quickly and efficiently.

The only product on Apple, Android, laptop and desktop. 

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