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By Charles Jenkins, Kognitiv Spark Added 21st May, 2020 Updated 9th Jul, 2020

Kognitiv Spark is a global leader in secure and reliable applications using mixed reality for repair, maintenance and support.  Our flagship application, RemoteSpark, is a communications tool that connects remote technicians with subject matter experts to facilitate complex task support and troubleshooting.  RemoteSpark is in use by organisations including the Royal Canadian Navy, engineering, oil and gas companies, manufacturing companies and the nuclear sector.



Designed for the Microsoft HoloLens, expert users, located anywhere in the world, can see what the remote user sees and can collaborate in real-time with shared audio and video, step-by-step holograms, field-of-view annotations, and task-relevant holographic documents.  Holograms can be tied to IoT data endpoints for increased situational awareness.  The application’s data storage and processing can be housed in both cloud and on-premise environments.  RemoteSpark improves productivity and operational readiness by enabling technicians to solve problems quickly and accurately, reducing costly expert travel, and equipment downtime. 

The Microsoft HoloLens is currently being used by clinicians to treat patients with Covid-19. The use of mixed reality means that a clinician can link back to others without putting them at risk. Our solution is ready for deployment now.  There are numerous use cases that are applicable to the NHS, including: support to clinicians, support to maintenance workers and support to training medical and other staff.

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