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By Søren Udby, Rinicare Ltd Added 19th November, 2017


SAFE is the next step forward in falls prevention and detection. SAFE is developed by Rinicare and uses thermal imaging and an intuitive alert system to monitor patient position within a bed and notify nearby clinicians if there is the danger of a fall. 

SAFE is a discreet method of improving patient care by reducing falls while also reducing the burden and associated costs on healthcare providers.



The Rinicare SAFE system is a fall detection and prevention system that uses a thermal imaging sensor and proprietary analytics algorithms to detect the potential risk of a patient’s position in a bed. It sends out an alert to nearby clinicians if the patient’s position is identified as high risk of resulting in a fall or an uncontrolled bed-exit.

The sensor is placed on the ceiling above the bed of a patient and communicates with clinicians through both a central computer screen (possibly at a nurses' station) and portable devices to ensure that no alert is ever left unseen. The user interface is simple and easy to understand and the system has been fine-tuned to avoid ‘alarm fatigue’ which is a common complaint of less successful systems.

In summary, SAFE is the modern way of reducing falls which will both improve the quality of patient care and alleviate the strains of healthcare budgets.

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