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Upstream Population Health Suite

By Darren Crombie, Upstream Outcomes Added 4th Jun, 2018 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Upstream Health ( provides innovative technologies and new service approaches for health and social care teams.  Our objective.  To make a difference for our clinicians, patients, and families.

We provide a set of mobile-first applications giving professionals everything they need at their fingertips, supported by our analytics products to support targeted care delivery and improved outcomes.

We believe that in order to respond to the challenges faced by our health system, we need to support our health and social teams with new technologies to increase productivity, while at the same time supporting a shift to upstream preventative care.


A complete set of population health analytics, and mobile first applications to join working across the health, social care and voluntary sectors, combined with collaboration tools, key clinical functions an deep record integration, all centered around our patients and their families.

Key service features are:

  • Risk stratification and cohort identification
  • Team & patient level collaboration
  • Cross health and social care integrated workflows and pathways
  • Mobile medical record (EMR) with core clinical task support
  • Intelligent forms and escalation policies
  • Real-time intervention radar
  • Consolidated health, social and Voluntary Service directory
  • Patient engagement, record access and support
  • Voluntary sector support
  • Outcomes and benefits management 

The population health suite is designed to support NHS professionals to:

  • Integrate teams and processes across multiple organisations
  • View complete patient record across health, social and voluntary
  • Create intelligent workflows to provide targeted and real time interventions
  • Quick referrals within and across organisations
  • Instant message and video conference between teams / patients
  • Complete patient signposting to cheaper and more effective health services
  • Engage and support the voluntary sector
  • Support patients to self-manage
  • Reduce length of stay and delayed transfer of care through improved workflow and community / social engagement
  • Identify patient cohorts, track and improve their outcomes 

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