Nick Gray

Project Specialist

Asked once why I do what I do I thought WOW I’m not sure how to answer that because up to then I was on automatic never having questioned my reasons. Having to then stand back analyse my motivation goals & inspiration I found myself focusing on why exactly I do what I do; Patient Safety. I believe 1) no one comes to work wanting to be a factor in someone’s injury or worse still their death or wants to tell a family member their relative was injured/died in care 2) every patient deserves to be treated with kindness, respect & dignity 3) austerity measures, staff shortages & the volume of people coming through the system means something had got to give & sometimes & too often it's the safety of staff & end users & 4) this has to stop as there has to be a better safer & more dignified way of managing patients in crisis. Recovery stretchers have seen significant changes over the years but most have a specialist application or function, but none offer a flexible solution to the needs of both patient & carer over a wide variety of situations and applications.. The need for a safer easier more ethical & dignified way of treating & transferring patients & individuals in need of or receiving medical care in whatever circumstances was clear to me. The concept of the FlexStretcher was born. I found myself immersed in the research of all manner of incidents including deaths in custody. Working with front-line responders including police paramedics A&E HMPS & other professionals too many to detail I found my passion for improvement in patient care & those providing that care grew insatiably & now totally drives me & my business. FlexStretcher provides safe secure, ethical & dignified treatment & eventual transfer to ED’s of all patients & individuals in whatever circumstances environment or situation. And now with proven high quality X-ray imaging and potential CT scanner application, there isn't a comparable product in the market offering such functionality & it matters not the reason be that incapacity injury or debility; or even in exceptional circumstances challenging behaviour. The priority for me has always been & will remain to be the safety of both patient & carer.