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The Yorkshire & Humber AHSN Health Innovation Exchange Portal provides a platform for colleagues across the health and care sector to connect and share innovative solutions, projects and products to support our collective ambition to provide world class patient care in a cost effective and efficient manner.


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CliniTouch Vie: Proactive cloud based healthcare solution

By Spirit Healthcare CliniTouch Vie is a tried and tested, multi award winning, 24/7 virtual care solution using professional digital healthcare delivery platforms and...

Haemolance and Acti-lance Safety Lancets

By Prospect Diagnostics Ltd Acti-Lance and Haemolance Safety Lancetssafety & comfort first!.... perfect for capillary blood sampling

Safe Steps - preventing falls, improving lives

By Safe Steps Safe Steps is a digital falls risk assessment tool, designed to reduce the number of falls in care homes. Safe Steps uses a dynamic set of assessment questions...

The BabySaver Tray: a portable bedside newborn resuscitation kit

By University of Liverpool The BabySaver kit brings together all the equipment needed for newborn resuscitation into one package, keeping the mother, newborn and midwife together during...

Improving access to Mental Health Psychological Therapies Digital Health Innovation

By PCMIS - University of York Are you interested in collaborative digital health innovation to provide a seemless integrated service to IAPT or Mental Health Services?

eConsent 'Consent to Treatment' Form Generator

By e-Health Innovations Informed, standardised patient consentThe eConsent project set out to solve the issues caused by traditional, handwritten patient 'Consent to Treatment' forms...

AHSN network AF community

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN The 15 Academic Health Science Networks in England work together to identify, share and spread ways to reduce the incidence of atrial fibrillation related...

DoLSpro Assessment Support Tool

By DoLSpro Limited DoLSpro Limited is a coming together of a innovative UK software development company, and forward thinking Social Workers (including Social Workers, Approved...

Silhouette Solution - Digital Wound Assessment

By Entec Health The Silhouette® digital wound assessment and information management solution is designed for objective clinical management of patients with wounds. The...

NETIMIS: Patient pathway simulation modelling

By X-Lab NETIMIS is a web-based simulation product that enables NHS and commercial organisations to map and model current and futuristic healthcare scenarios.

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Improving outcomes for mothers suffering from postnatal depression

By Innovation Agency The Innovation Agency is looking for solutions to the challenge of monitoring new mothers' wellbeing when they return home after the birth of their child...