For Innovators

The Health Innovation Exchange Portal provides an online forum for colleagues across the healthcare sector to share innovative solutions, projects and products to improve patient care.

It is managed by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network, which connects people working in the NHS, health and social care professionals, businesses, organisations and individuals looking for improved, more efficient ways of working.

The Health Innovation Exchange Portal is a platform for innovators to share and showcase new innovations which can improve patient outcomes and experiences, provide cost-effective solutions and accelerate the delivery of safer, better care.  Please note, your innovation will not be published on the Innovation Exchange until it has been reviewed by our expert panel.

The Health Innovation Exchange Portal is a shared resource with the Innovation Agency, the AHSN for the North West Coast. As such, innovations which are published on the Health Innovation Exchange Portal will also be visible on the Innovation Agency Exchange, increasing exposure to stakeholders across the north.