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By Stuart Nuttall, iedapps ltd Added 27th June, 2019

CEMBooks is a web and iOS based intelligent dashboard used for capturing Key Performance Indicators and narratives around them for any acute healthcare system or Emergency Department.  It allows the clinical management team to use their experience to enact a “playbook” of escalation actions to support staff in dealing with periods where demand outstrips capacity, ensuring responses are consistent and  standardised with agreed levels of risk.

CEMBooks was "Highly  Commended" at the HSJ Value in Health Care Awards  2016, was a finalist in the eHealth insider awards 2014 and has been noted as "Outstanding Practice" in CQC reports at 2 of our current sites.



As described above CEMBooks allows recording of operational data that is customisable to any acute healthcare setting where KPI's are recorded.  In many cases it eliminates the need for daily reports to be completed on Excel spreadsheets and emailed round the operational teams. 

On call managers can have direct sight of the department and the ongoing issues and provide direct/targeted support to the department.  Departmental guidelines and phone numbers are hosted in a searchable format and can be dialled direct from your phone or guidelines downloaded and shared instantaneously. 

With the updated CEMBooks 2 the family tree function allows multiple areas within the acute care system to be viewed collectively.  The system will now also integrate with data feeds from patient tracking and staff rostering systems. Increasingly analytics and AI analysis of the data captured through intelligent dashboard systems such as CEMBooks will drive continual improvement across healthcare systems and organisations. 

CEMBooks has been recognised as “outstanding practice” by both NHSi and CQC in their reports about organisations using CEMBooks and customer testimonials around improvements in culture and engagement can be provided on request. It is this strong feedback and success that leads us to seek investment and interest for wider spread across the NHS.  

Our Consultant led clinical implementation team can help support departments with build and set up process and regular customer development allows user stories to focus future devlopment of new features in response to customer needs.

We are fully compliant with the NHS DSP Toolkit.

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