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Inovus Medical - Manufacturing accessible, affordable, functional healthcare simulation products worldwide.

By Helen Hanson, Inovus Medical Added 15th Aug, 2019 Updated 28th Nov, 2019

Dr Elliot Street and Jordan Van Flute founded healthcare company Inovus Medical six years ago, after developing an affordable laparoscopic simulator with a view to widening access to this area of surgical training.  

The company has an ever, expanding range of healthcare simulators on the market including a number of versions of their original keyhole surgery simulator, which has been sold in over sixty seven countries worldwide and is used by 50% of the NHS trusts across the UK. Their laparoscopic simulators are also used by many of the world’s largest medical device companies for product demonstration and training.



Following further investment through the EIT Health Headstart Award, Inovus launched he bozzini Hysteroscopy simulator a revolutionary, turnkey simulator for teaching the skill of hysteroscopy (operating on the womb)  to the market. The company has seen a growing interest from NHS trusts in the UK, and private practices across the globe, where hysteroscopy procedures are now being performed not only in operative settings but in office environments too. With the move to outpatient hysteroscopy clinics and nurse hysteroscopists performing hysteroscopy procedures in the UK, Inovus has started assisting nurse led training centres based in the NHS hospitals and universities with hands-on sessions in a move to ensure the skills set of nurses coming through their training is of a much higher standard and as a result awareness of patient care is uppermost on their minds.

During the last three months both the laparoscopic simulators and the hysteroscopy trainers have been showcased and received with great interest and excitement at some of the most acclaimed global congress’ held across the globe.

The Inovus products are sold through a variety of channels including; online shopping environments and the company is now working with 12 distributors worldwide with plans in place to expand the business to target Chinese and Australian markets.

Inovus’ plans for 2020 will see the launch of a range of revolutionary products that will have technological advanced features as the company moves towards the introduction of augmented reality simulation devices that will further enhance the surgical trainees experience.

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