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Tookie Vest for Oncology

By David Axon, Tookie Limited Added 9th November, 2016

The Tookie vest for Oncology is a class I medical device. Designed to enhance patient well-being and safety for those fitted with a central venous catheter. It maintains the integrity of the line and reduces the risk of complication by securing the end of the catheter line in a pouch affixed to the vest. The vest is worn over the patient’s torso and stops the tubes, snagging, twisting and looping.The vest is non-sterile and incorporates an anti-bacterial/ microbrial agent. It is a single-patient reusable device, to be used in hospital and in the community. 


The Tookie Vest for Oncology is a CE marked medical device for children receiving cancer treatment through Central Venous Catheter (CVC) lines. The Tookie Vest is engineered to prevent the accidental removal of the central line.

Over 10,000 children are treated for cancer in the UK and approximately £19 million is spent each year on treating central line infection.  Currently the Central Venous Catheter is left loose or taped to the child’s fragile skin. Both actions cause unnecessary discomfort.  

The Tookie Vest is designed to maintain integrity of the central line and to prevent inadvertent fall outs by holding the central line in place inside a pouch attached to the vest.  The vest has a back closure mechanism, which keeps it secure and prevents removal by the child, while allowing continuous access by medical staff. The vest can be used at night time; is dermatologically tested; non-flammable and fully washable. The Tookie Vest is designed primarily for use during the transition from hospital into the home and encourages greater freedom of movement for the child.

A 6 month qualitative and quantitative study for the Tookie Vest for Paediatric Oncology began at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in March 2017 – data from this study will be available in due course.

A Tookie Vest for adult renal patients undergoing Haemodialysis through CVC has also been designed with clinical and patient input from City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Trust. 

The oncology vest is CE marked

GB Patent No: 2531144

EU Reg. Des. 002990382

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