Elemental - Social Prescribing Platform: Making it easier to refer, connect, support, measure and report on Social Prescribing

Posted on 31st January, 2018

Here at Elemental we have created a social prescribing platform that makes it easier for social prescribing projects to monitor, track and support patients from the point of referral. This includes a patient portal, so they can keep track of the activities they are singed up to.

Our platform is flexible and can fit into your Social Prescribing Model. If you're at the start of your journey we can help support you and help drive the Social Prescribing offering in your area. 


We are a Tech For Good company with the purpose of engaging & empowering people & communities towards better health outcomes through social prescribing. This involves creating meaningful connections between people & their communities to address the wider determinants of health & to reduce health inequalities.

Key Platform features:

  • Referral generation.
  • Health risk analysis
  • Social prescription generator
  • Attendance tracker
  • Health impact measurement
  • Enhanced directory of services
  • Impact and Aggregate reports

Whether you are a GP, social worker, commissioner, social prescriber or community provider, we don’t always have the time to source information & make connections that positively impact on someone’s life.

Our Social Prescribing platform is an easy to use, cloud-based, responsive platform that enables community referrals to be implemented, measured and delivered across numerous health and social care scenarios. We will use our expertise to help you implement our digital platform to enhance your social prescribing project. 

Key Objectives

  1. Facilitate more people accessing & engaging in Self Care Programmes in your area
  2. Reduce the amount of time between referral & first engagement
  3. Connect different stakeholders in your area (VCSE, Health/Social Care & communities), providing more choice for what matters to the individual
  4. Provide performance related metrics & analysis around referral activity across teams, locations & types of healthcare establishments
  5. Minimise the risk of people ‘opting out’ of programmes
  6. Develop the capacity of your workforce across multiple sites
  7. Reduce administrative tasks & free up more time to support individuals
  8. Measure the progress & impact of programmes


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