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A Seamless Patient Treatment Platform and Transfer Device

By Nick Gray, FlexStretchers Added 17th Nov, 2017 Updated 10th Jun, 2020

The ONLY one piece of equipment offering a degree of flexibility unparalleled by its peers for the seamless transition®/transfer of individuals in avoiding the combined use of carry chair/stretcher/ drag sheet etc thus decreasing trauma and stress for patient and carer. Minimising transfer activity reduces potential for additional injury/trauma.  

Intended as a transfer device, FlexStretcher has also proven successful in helping to rapidly de-escalate violent behaviour ie ABD and similar.


Now in NHS operational use evaluation feedback from both Patient User Groups and carers has been consistently highly positive, with more than one patient commenting they felt  safe and comfortable seated in it. The clinical effectiveness and cost savings potential can be readily recognised in that the more individual pieces of equipment used the greater the risk of injury to both end user and carer as well and the time taken to affect the move. Awkward corners, stair wells, high rise accommodation, difficult terrain and nervous end users etc only exacerbate these challenges. Quick and simple to use FlexStretcher minimises the challenges of all of the above improving transfer time, therefore recovery time and thus costs to the NHS. Minimising transfer movement increase patient safety, care and comfort and reduces stress for both end user and carer. Reduced timescales and the potential for  increased safety will add towards savings in costs... FlexStretcher is quick and simple to use and has been proven to be easily integrated into existing operational protocols. Full on-going support to users as well as access to initial and on-going training is available.

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