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WellBeing Proactive by Alertacall

By Martin Cutbill, Alertacall Added 23rd December, 2019

A unique daily contact service for health and social care providers when supporting people with higher needs in their own homes. WellBeing Proactive enhances service delivery, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.  Users of our service are 20% less likely to be re-admitted to hospital post discharge, and have 30% shorter average length of hospital stay.  

Hospitals, GP practices, and other social care or health professionals will see improvements when the service is provided to any of the following groups:

• Older people• Those with chronic conditions e.g. diabetes• People with mental health issues• Individuals with learning disabilities• The lonely and socially isolated 



Wellbeing checks are delivered through the use of smart technology and a highly trained contact centre team, and can be used to deliver information and prompts for:

- medication,

-appointments, or

- social prescribing purposes. 

This saves both cost and time, and helps to focus resource where additional customer support may be required.

To access the service customers are given a special device. There are several versions available and all have our unique OKEachDay button. These are used by customers to control levels of daily contact and engage with various features of the service.

Perhaps the cleverest aspect of this approach is that quite frequently, as cognitive deterioration increases, or if customers become distressed, or unwell physically or mentally, they will often either inadvertently fail to press the OKEachDay button or consciously choose not to do so to speak to someone more often. In doing so this automatically results in more human contact at the precise time it is needed most.

This proactive approach regularly saves lives and guarantees that people get the help and support they need, even if they are unable to get it for themselves. This is unlike traditional “alarms services” which can be out of reach and offer little by the way of other benefits.

All activity around engagement is logged and recorded. The data is used to generate valuable management reporting information and actions that care providers can use to make better use of their resources, do more, and act more preventatively.

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