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Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Patient Care Packs

By Personal Care Packs Ltd Patients are often admitted to hospital at short notice. This means that some come ill equipped for their stay. Evidence indicates that nurses spend more than...
Proven innovation

Faecal Calprotectin - distinguishing between IBS and IBD.

By Yorkshire and Humber AHSN An innovative and sensitive new test to help GPs make the difficult discrimination between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (...
Proven innovation

Patient Portal: Digital Patient Letters

By Healthcare Communications Patients can receive digital appointment letters straight to their smartphone, FeaturesAccessible from multiple devices – Smartphone, tablet and...
Proven innovation

By is the first company to have created a clinical grade diganostic device from the smart-phone camera. is a digital urinalysis test that can be...
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EDGE a software system for the management of COPD.

By Drayson Technologies  EDGE is a software system for the management of COPD, developed by Oxford University Hospital and with support from the Department of Health. EDGE...
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GDm -health . Empowering women to better manage their condition at home

By Drayson Technologies GDm-Health is an app and back-end system for the management of gestational diabetes. The platform comprises a smartphone app, with a Bluetooth-enabled blood...
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

SEND- A system for vital sign observation for hospital patients

By Drayson Technologies SEND is a system for vital-sign observations in hospital patients (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation and temperature) and risk...
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End of Life: Improving access to patient care preferences

By Epro Patients reassured their urgent care plan preferences are shared with appropriate health professionals after Epro develops End of Life care plans for a Global...

Flx - Digital biomechanical diagnostic and intervention tool

By FiftyFourDegreesNorth Flx brings decades of physiotherapy experience to your smartphone through a simple to use APP that for the first time diagnoses biomechanical issues and gives...
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Scrik: Paperlight with digital dictation and document production

By Epro Epro Scrik uses a unique combination of structured data, dictation, templating, speech recognition and usability to revolutionise clinical correspondence and...
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Improving access to Mental Health Psychological Therapies Digital Health Innovation

By PCMIS Health Technologies Limited Are you interested in collaborative digital health innovation to provide a seemless integrated service to IAPT or Mental Health Services?
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ELCIES - Reverse lifestyle related diseases

By DigitSign ltd ELCIES is an intelligent Data and Bot platform for personalizing, Supporting and delivery of sport, health and lifestyle services based on actual Physical...
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Reablement Monitor

By Kemuri The Kemuri unique Reablement Monitor is instantly installed. It's a most efficient way of helping people with mild cognitive impairment to be discharged...
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NHS Bed Head Protector

By GFG Plastic Fabrications Limited We have worked with our local NHS Hospital for a few years now, Hull Royal Infirmary, providing them with solutions that we can make out of thermoplastic.
Innovation in development

Simulation enabled transformation

By Ethos Partnership Ltd We are building a consortia of clinical leaders, academics and industry partners. The objective is to co-develop a transformation enabling software...